A funny thing happened the other day. I was emptying the garbage can in the shop when lo and behold, I noticed a discarded Tim Hortons coffee cup. This was no ordinary, run-of-the-mill Tim Hortons paper cup that was buried in the trash, either. No sir, there was something special about this one. It was one of those popular “Rrroll Up The Rim To Win” contest cups, and the rim had not yet been “rolled!”  In an earlier post I mentioned the Tim Hortons donut shop down the road in Blairmore, and the first thing that came to mind upon seeing the unrolled cup was that it was a prank and someone was playing a cruel joke on me. It wouldn’t be the first time. If this was a joke, I wasn’t laughing. Then, I remembered a customer (I can’t remember who he was or what he looked like, though) had asked if he could throw his empty cup in the garbage behind the front counter. The next thing I thought of was what occurred in 2006 when a school girl discovered a Timmy’s cup with an unrolled rim in a garbage bin. Apparently, she could not roll up the rim by herself and asked another girl for help. Upon rolling the rim, they discovered it was a winner. They had just won a vehicle! The parents of both girls claimed their child had found the cup and that they were entitled to the prize. Meanwhile, the person who claimed to have tossed the cup into the garbage bin in the first place demanded a DNA test. In the end, the car was awarded to the family of the girl who first found the cup. The lesson in all of this is, “Never throw a Tim Hortons Rrroll Up The Rim cup in the garbage, without first rolling the rim.” You never know who’s going to find it.

I had no difficulty rolling the rim on the cup I had just found in my trash, and didn’t need help. There would be no dispute over any prize (hopefully a brand new Toyota), and a DNA test would likely not be required, unless I won and the person that tossed his cup in our garbage bin reads this post. What are the chances of that happening — him reading this blog, that is? I felt confident, as I rolled the rim of the cup. Just as I suspected, there was not going to be any argument over who gets to keep the car and there would be no call for DNA testing. The message under the rim read, “PLEASE PLAY AGAIN.”  More coffee … anyone?