On Sunday, I travelled to Police Outpost Lake with my brother-in-law, Paul.  This lake is located southwest of Cardston, about an hour and a half drive from Crowsnest Pass. It’s stocked with rainbow trout. I had not fished here since the delayed harvest regulations were implemented about three years ago, and figured it was time to go back for a visit.

View of Police Outpost Lake

 We arrived just after 9:00 am and within thirty minutes had launched the boat and were fishing. It was a bit windy and cool most of the day, but not enough to make things too uncomfortable. From time to time, the sun would poke through the clouds and it would warm up nicely. We starting catching trout early on and by the end of the afternoon had landed a couple dozen fish, some measuring 18 inches. There were three or four float tubes on the lake and about a half dozen boats. It wasn’t very busy at all, considering it was a weekend. We caught most of our fish on Copper Johns and Glenn’s Leeches, under a strike indicator. There were a few chironimids (midges) hatching, but the fish didn’t seem too interested in feeding on them, at least where we were fishing. Later, we heard some anglers in the float tubes had good success “chronie” fishing. By three o’clock, the fishing tapered off and within an hour we were on our way back to the Pass. We’ll be back!

Paul netting a nice Police Lake rainbow trout