Over the past couple weeks, I’ve received quite a few calls and emails from people wondering about the ice on Lee Lake and whether or not it’s off yet. By this time last year it was completely ice-free and anglers were already enjoying some decent fishing. I checked on Friday (April 10th), but it was still frozen and there was no sign of it beginning to open, even along shore. While there, I noticed a bunch of Canada geese standing on the ice by the island, directly across from the boat launch. It was great to see they had returned to the lake from their winter retreat in the south. They were also squawking as noisily as ever. It seemed like they were waiting for the ice to come off, too, and some appeared to have already staked out the choice nesting sites on the tiny island.

What a difference three days can make! I drove to the lake this morning before heading to work, to check things out.  As I approached the highway turnoff, I noticed a vehicle in the Lee Lake parking lot. This could only mean one thing, right? My hunch was correct, there was open water and a couple of people were fishing from shore. As of this morning there’s about 30 to 40 feet of open water near the boat launch, more in other places. Barring a return visit by Old Man Winter, Lee Lake should be ice-free by the weekend. Other lakes in southwest Alberta, including Beauvais, Dipping Vat and Payne (Mami)  should start to open soon, if they haven’t already. Beaver Mines and Police Outpost lakes are situated at higher elevations and usually become ice-free a bit later than some of the others. It won’t be long now and there will be a lot of happy lake anglers, and Canada geese!

NEWS FLASH … I  fished the Crowsnest River yesterday. First time out this spring! Post and photos to follow. Below is a photo of Lee Lake this morning.

Lee Lake beginning to open

View of Lee Lake this morning from the boat launch