It’s taken a while, but most of the trout streams in southwest Alberta are running clear again. It appears the rainy season is over, at least for now. Some of the rivers and streams are still a bit on the high side, but at least everything is fishable once again. Stream flows are dropping daily and many of the rivers, including the Crowsnest, are wadeable.  Golden stoneflies and their smaller cousins, yellow Sally stoneflies, are starting to provide some decent dry-fly fishing. Pale morning dun mayflies and caddis can also be seen along the rivers most days. As water temperatures warm, dry-fly fishing will only continue to improve.

Fly-Fishing SW Alberta

Side channels are good places to fish, when flows in the main river are high.

 Yesterday, I spent the day with a couple of friends, Dan and Arnold, on the Oldman River. The river was in pretty good shape, with  maybe three feet of visibility. It was a bit too high to wade across, but we managed all right. The cutthroats and rainbows were a bit reluctant to take our Stimulator dry flies, but didn’t hesitate to eat Prince nymphs, suspended about two feet below our large dry flies. There was a good pmd hatch mid-afternoon, and for the short time they were on the water, there were a lot of trout feeding on the surface. We also had good action, using streamers. All in all, it was a great day with a couple of friends.

Fly-Fishing in SW Alberta

Dan lands a nice trout.